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5 Star Customs! San Diego’s best discount Automotive Accessories Shop!
5 Star Customs! Committed to giving you quality service and products, at an affordable price!
Welcome to 5 Star Customs! A premier San Diego window tinting, San
Diego car audio, and San Diego auto alarm specialist. Embarking on our
tenth year in business, we aim to set new standards on discount and quality
window tinting, car audio, and auto alarm services. Located in the Miramar
area of San Diego, we offer a variety of simple to custom options for your
window tinting, car audio, and auto alarm needs. Our window tinting, car
audio, and auto alarm installations are all backed by our Lifetime Warranty!
We will meet or beat any reputable businesses price offer on the products or
services we offer! So come on down to our shop! Or, be first in line and
schedule an appointment now!
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